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Loyola Day


Every August, our executive team joins the Commerce & Administration Students’ Association, its 14 subsidiaries, and incoming JMSB students at Concordia University’s Loyola Campus for Loyola Day. Organized by CASAJMSB, Loyola Day is Frosh week ’s first of many outdoor initiation days for new students. In past years, JMMA has managed its own booth and inflatables, held social media contests for in-kind prizes, provided body paint, and hosted on-site games such as challenge and prize wheels. Not only is the day designed to allow first years to bond with and meet different associations and committees, but it allows students to learn about JMMA’s social media channels through various on-site marketing tactics, such as signage and stamps. Furthermore, it is a prime opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have about upcoming events or involvement opportunities, such as joining JMMA’s internship program, The Embassy. Loyola Day is the starting-line to a new year and we always look forward to introducing fresh and curious faces to our association and student life at JMSB.