Meet our Team

Introducing 15 crazy, dedicated and excited students who all share one main passion: marketing. We're Curious. We're Ready. Are you?

The Executive Team

The 2016-2017 team couldn't be more excited to be able to represent JMMA. Over the summer we worked hard toward making this year at JMSB even more colourful. We're introducing three new events, a new line of entertainment, called JMMA Shorts, and revamping our social media platforms to better engage with students.

Scroll down to get to know how each team member contributes to JMMA's projects.

JMMA Executives

Felix Lorrain-Hamel


Vishal Sooknanan

Executive Vice-President

Evan Ryer

Vice President - Finance

Ian Hutt-Borrelli

Vice President - External

Nayeli Sanchez

External Director

Josh Lilien

External Director

Christina Kaish

Vice President - Marketing

Christina Lewis

Vice President - Marketing

Leah Lioumbas

Vice President - Events

Melissa Gaglietta

Event Coordinator

Elizabeth Consolante

Event Coordinator

Sarah Ostiguy

PR and Speakers Coordinator

Darnley M. Williamson

Director of the Embassy

Nathalie Geukers

Vice President - JMSB SMMW

Kayla Prashad

Graphic Designer